Peak /pek/


  1. reach a highest point, either of a specified value or specified time.


  1. greatest; maximum.


We aim for the peak. Customers and Partners tell us if we reach it.

  • “We needed to consolidate five different external-facing portal sites, to provide our Partners with one, centralized location to access all necessary documents, files, and news from our organization. We decided to implement Peak Engagement’s portal solution and what a great decision that has been. We have been very impressed with Peak Portals. The ability for us to create content, post documents and files within Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft SharePoint Online, then quickly publish this information to our portal, has been fantastic! Peak Portals allows us to scale in the future, by publishing new content from our Dynamics CRM system, directly to our portal, without writing any code. Working with the Peak Engagement team has been an absolute pleasure. The team is a great group of individuals who really went the extra mile to learn our business, and provided a great, end-to-end solution that fit our business needs perfectly. The Peak Engagement team members possess a very strong business acumen, coupled with a thorough knowledge of CRM and external-facing portal solutions. If you are looking for an external-facing portal solution that is flexible, easy to configure, and easy to setup, I would recommend you contact the team at Peak Engagement today!”

    Mitch Franks Evolution1, a Wex Company

  • “The team at Peak Engagement has been very helpful and courteous in getting our portal up and running very quickly. They are customer centric and are very hands-on during and after the implementation. The team at Peak Engagement is very knowledgeable in the CRM domain which makes them a great partner to work with.”

    Shah F. Moin Nodus Technoligies, Inc.

  • “Upgraded to V2.2 last night and tested a bit. I tested more this morning. I can't believe the performance increase. By all means it wasn't slow before, but now it is turbo charged. Way to go Peak Engagement team! Thanks for the awesome improvements!”

    Mark Angus Peterson Farms Seed

  • “I’m really impressed and pleased with the power and simplicity of Peak Portals. It was easy to install, the portal provisioning was very fast, and its quickly functional.  I think the documentation provided is quite excellent as well. I was able to do most things myself using the manual, and found the setup mostly intuitive.”

    Mark Rockwell Rockton Software

  • “SADA is in the business of enabling our clients to better CONNECT with their customers and Peak Engagement has been the ideal partner for us to do that. Their framework is extremely scalable, rapid to deploy, and clearly designed with the user in mind but Peak Engagement has exceeded expectations in our partnership by providing support, training, and even jumping in the trenches with us in a pinch.  The team has gone above and beyond for us and we are very excited about what the direction of the roadmap is showing.”

    Greg Gant SADA Systems

  • “We are a very new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM company and while small, we are quite diversified and needed more functionality than previous CRM products had been able to provide without expensive and intricate supplemental products. When our need for public data entry pages surfaced during our initial setup calls, our consultants pointed us in the direction of Peak. We chose Peak after looking at three competitors.  The documentation provided had us using the launch pages the first day with no coding required. Quick answers to my questions and we have started using the portal functionality. We aren’t using near the potential of the product’s current offering, but it has provided us the needed functionality with potential to grow and expand our support of our partners for a reasonable price. Peak’s support team has provided quick and through answers and training as we have had need. I am pleased to have championed this solution for our company.”

    Karen Williams TaxBreaks, Neon Workforce Technologies

  • “Vicinity was looking for an easy to deploy yet flexible platform to base our customer facing portal.  We found that with Peak Engagement.  We designed the site, implemented our key requirements and rolled out to beta users in 30 days.  After a 180 day beta we rolled it out to all our clients.  User adoption has been great and the team at Peak Engagement could not be better to work with.  It is worth 10x what we pay – don’t tell Peak I said that!”

    Randy Smith CEO at Vicinity Manufacturing