Peak Capture

Capture website leads quickly, easily, and for free. Get the most out of CRM for Dynamics 365 with Peak Capture

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Spend time engaging, not in your CRM

With Peak Capture you can add a lead form to your existing website where interested customers can type in their contact information which then is automatically put into your CRM database. No extra steps are needed! Save time with Peak Capture and engage instantly with your interested customers with your choice of workflows, marketing lists or their contact information. And the best part is that it’s absolutely free from Peak Engagement.


Brand consistent

Bootstrap-based user-interface that can easily be styled to match your existing website.


Access the forms and/or data from any device.

Flexible forms

Editable lead capture forms using the CRM form editor.

Access to multiple forms

Multiple lead capture forms and/or data from anywhere.


Access the forms and/or data from anywhere.


Performance-based load-balancing for ultimate reliability.


HTML, JavaScript, and CSS capable forms.


Captcha verification to deter spam.


Easily translated to any language.


This product is free for any Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer.